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Originally Posted by Asha'man View Post
Okay, consider me stupid and mostly brain dead (I'm male and 53, need I say more?). If I can't copy and paste then I haven't a clue. I have looked at some of the instructions for posting pictures and creating avatars and I don't understand a thing. I don't know what things like URL, http: or html mean. Can any one explain the process in words of less than one syllable? Things like "step one - turn on computer (If this doesn't work go back and make sure it is plugged in.)" I am just that stupid so please help.
Have you downloaded the program in post 3? click on this link:

Do that first and load the program, then follow the steps in post 3. It won't make any sense unless you download and open the program. You have to follow the instructions step by step.
Download the program first and then we'll talk...
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