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It makes me wonder, as I know that a bull moose can be territorial, especially during the fall rut...

What is the proper thing to do if a bull moose seems like he is making an attempt to approach you after becoming aware of your presence?

That clearly seemed to be the case for me early yesterday morning & the evening prior. Thursday evening in particular, he was only about 50 yards away, and as soon as he became aware of our presence he began to walk towards us along the shore. In my sudden state of awe & shock, I almost wanted to shout out at the top of my lungs to try & scare him, but opted instead to quickly, carefully, & quietly make our way back to the campsite, and thankfully avoided any kind of incident.

He must have circled around our campsite sometime during the course of the remainder of the evening & into the next morning, because I spotted him again about a 100 yards away out on an island further down the pond the next day. I was standing on a point recording a short video clip & talking into the camera (unbeknownst of his presence), and after filming the clip I noticed him standing there out on the island looking in our direction.

I was able to snap off a few photos as he turned & plunged into the water & then swam across the narrow channel. Once ashore, he then starting walking in our direction again, and needless to say I told Jenny that it was time to go, and thankfully did not see him again.


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