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Originally Posted by cityboy View Post
Gray Ghost I suspect foul play too. It seems obvious that whatever happened to him occurred quickly. There are only three other scenarios.
1. Douglas got stuck in the quicksand like mud of Lower Duckhole (this is what Art Tumlins thought).

All I know is that if it were my kid I would never have given up. It also strikes me as odd that no subsequent search was ever done by the family to recover the bones.
It is also very similar to what Jim Suffolk, the senior NYSP bloodhound handler on the search believed. The initial trails that the SP hounds ran all went to the bog. Theory; The boy tried to shortcut across the bog and made it only so far before going under.

Nothing really supports foul play or kidnapping, having been part of it all back then. There were all sorts of possibilities discussed, often with the family. There were thousands of tips followed up. Everything from Alien Abduction and Adirondack Sasquatch to he ran away with "hippies" in the area. (Squatters were quite common in Adk. camps and cabins at the time.) The mountains are no place for amateurs. Some amateurs don't know that. Mother Nature doesn't play favorites. I think someplace out there in the Santanoi bog, Dougie is still there.

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