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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
...Do you heat them on low in the oven or with a hair dryer before applying? if you do that, it opens the pores and then you just keep applying the sno-seal until the leather will no longer absorb the product. This seals all the pores.
if you just lay it on at room temperature, most of the product doesn't get absorbed into the leather.

They don't have to be hot, just warm.
I generally apply at Sno-Seal at room temperature, then leave the boots on the hot air register in my house for a few hours. I've also set them on my mother-in-law's radiators, or in a pinch just leave them on the floor of my car with the heater on while I drive to the trailhead. It seems to soak in after a few hours of being warmed. I've never had an issue with how long the waterproofing lasts. My boots get scuffed as I hike, but it doesn't seem to effect the "waterproofness".
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