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Originally Posted by mgc View Post
We should be thankful for that.
Not everyone (few) subscribe to the hype.
Of the students that I teach, none of them put harvesting a deer with big horns as their first priority. Harvesting a deer to put in the freezer comes after simply being successful.
We still laugh about the audacity of a local QDMA fanatic who belittled a youth hunter for her first harvest, a 6 point buck, on her families land... rather than congratulate her for her good fortune (a 14 year old) he berated her...he and his "group" have the adjoining acreage locked up for "management"... the deer they don't/won't take end up destroying nearby crops and end up being taken on nuisance permits.
The DEC has a broader perspective of the overall management needs of the regions because they take more than horns into consideration...
I think there is a whole lot more to QDMA's focus than simply harvesting deer with big antlers.

I also don't understand why one bad experience with one individual will form a person's outlook on an entire group.

I'm not a member of QDMA, but I would like to see better management of NY's deer, at least those in western NY. I could care less about antler size; bigger bucks = more meat. And that objective is not mutually exclusive with controlling the population (which requires hunting the does).

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Earlier in this post someone suggested crossbows could help to inspire more youth participation....baloney...success does that.
I agree that crossbows will likely have a minimal effect on hunter recruitment, but I have no problem with their use being allowed. Lack of access and opportunity are the main inhibitors for new people getting into the sport. Arbitrary tree stand restrictions for youth hunters is one such inhibitor, especially considering it is one of the main methods of hunting in NY.

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