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There you go, everyone with a computer and solo boat suggesting the usual Promethian Fit Syndrome to their choice. The community is trying to be helpful with anecdotal knowledge; great campfire talk but everything is on a Cardinal, not Ordinal scale....

You are a big guy, probably need a larger hull, but first you need to select stance in the boat. Sitting low you might be stable in a 27.5" wide hull but rising to kneel against a seat edge will likely suggest a 30" hull and sitting marathon style an even wider one. There are 76 solo canoes between 27.5 and 31 inches in beam width and the waterline width and chine shape is more critical to stability than beam.

While double blade sticks seem to match pack canoe low seat stance, bents work best sitting at medium height and straights enhance control when kneeling, your own paddle preference will have some effect on boat selection too. [For example, one can use a double paddle with all three stances in the boat.]

The most stable pack canoe for big loads is probably Swift's Keewaydin 15 pack. It has proven significantly more stable than Osprey. The most stable kneeling solo might be the NorthStar's NorthWind Solo at 30.5in X 15.5ft. The next step up in stability would be Hemlock's Eaglet and Colden's StarFire.

I maintain a listing of solo boat specs that may prove helpful. Email for your own electronic copy. Of course it includes the Clippers, but this is a localized chat room and British Columbia is a fair hike to the West by NorthWest?

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