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NP Trail this fall......

I'll be hiking the Long Lake to LP section of the N-P Trail this fall. I'm a recent 46er, so I've done all the day hikes and the few multi-day trips necessary to get the harder to reach peaks and ranges. But those were hike in to a lean-to and stay for 3-4 days endeavours. The 50 lb. pack was OK for 4-5 miles, but that won't cut it for a trip on the NP trail

Now I'm looking at carrying for me (and probably all the food and tent) for both of us.

I'm looking to trim my weight down to the bare minimum.

I'll carry the 40 oz. tent and the freeze dried food for two. We'll have redundant stoves and water filters.

I'm planning on using about 3oz of fuel a day, heating water for breakfast and dinner, with tea at night. planning on 1-2 days extra.

I'll take freeze dried food, but plan on some nice heavy brownies, baked by my daughter.

Any other words of wisdom?
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