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Not that I'm against camping, but I've done my fair share in the campgrounds and I'd say a lot of people aren't directly helping monetary tourism. Some never even leave the campground and bring everything they need but wood. Now that they have vendors drive through, you don't even have to leave.

And even if people do go out and recreate using state land, etc, how much of them actually are benefiting the tourism economy? It seems to me that the tourism economy exists where it exists for a reason and it attracts a certain type of individual.

Shifting some of those people over to other types of recreation isn't a bad thing, but I don't buy the whole improve the economy bit. It's more a sense of showing them what is available in NY via our state run facilities and lands, and then those people are more likely to support that kind of thing in the future as well as pass it on to their kids. I see it as more of continued stewardship kind of thing. I don't get that sense from the people who go to LP or LG.
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