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Yes, 3 pins are still available but I wouldn't recommend the Alaska version of them for a couple reasons, mainly being a "wide" foot. I find the Alaska very narrow and have to ski them a size bigger than my true wider boots.

For a wide foot, Crispi is a good choice. You may want to look into a boot called the Antarctic, which is a really nice boot and not too expensive. It's a traditional 3 pin Norwegian welt, so it has some downfalls, most of which rely on you, the user to properly break them in and care for the leather. Many modern boots don't need any break in and require little more than a water-based leather treatment once a year.

Pretty much the only place to buy these boots in NA:

I find the sizing to be true on these, some other Crispis run really wide. If they are tight, they can also be stretched. Not something you really want to have to do, but it is possible.

As far as ski and bindings, they are very cheap and easy to find. New, rugged, 3 pin bindings go for $50, $25 or so if you can find them used. Much better skis than I'm sure you are using can be had new for $200 or less, and about half that used. Fischers are particularly good all-around waxless XC skis.
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