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I admit I don't really know a thing about XC skis, despite doing it often as a family growing up, we never knew the finer details lol. I assumed the scales where for going up hills versus smooth skis for flats, I never heard of kick wax before but will look into it! I am not sure what is going on with the pics they are there but sometimes do not appear on the screen unless I press refresh. I used to host most my pics on photobucket until they stopped allowing you to hotlink them. Now I am using my google photo account. Wish the forum allowed a bit more attachment capability.

Maybe it would be easier finding boots for my other set of skis (not sure what its called but instead of 3 pins it has a small horizontal bar that clicks in). They are a bit newer Alpinas with the scales but I broke the tip on one hitting a tree a few years ago (just near the tip, the skis seem to still work ok best I can tell) but the main reason I have not used those lately is the purple coloring on the boot is disintegrating and it stains your socks really bad if wear them! Those boots are slightly narrower yet.
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