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Originally Posted by kingof14ers
Seems like most of this is below treeline.
If the visibility is low (which it very well could be) then that may not be a bad idea, but about 1/3 of the trek from Algonquin to Iroquios is over bare rock with HUGE cairns to mark the way. Once into the trees it's pretty obvious as Zac says. If you have a hard time following the trail over to Iroquios when in the trees you may need to turn around and head out! (danger!)

Also, bailing down to Lake Colden from between Boundary and Algonquin is an option depending on which way the bad weather is approaching (if it's from the south or east then that would be into the bad weather = NOT a good idea). It's a steep descent though, and from what I've been told it's one of the steeper trails in the entire Adirondacks.

Generally expect a lot of wind up there. You're already mentally prepared if you hike the Rockies in the winter. Even though the Adirondacks are smaller in elevation, they share all the same characteristics of unpredictablity and difficulty of other mountain ranges. When it looks bad turn around! Many people get close to the summit of Algonquin in the winter and have to turn back. There's a huge difference and added danger once you get above treeline. Like night/day.
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