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I agree with Neil that a declination adjustment is not critical to have. I navigated for most of my life with an old Silva Ranger, which does have a dec adjustment, but I never used it until recent years. I do use the adjustment now, because during SAR, many Rangers prefer to use true north reference. Besides, it eliminates any math conversion errors if the compass reads relative to TN directly. But you do have to remember to re-adjust if you travel very far between uses (~50+ miles)

No, you don't need the global version of the compass, if you remain in the northern hemisphere, but I don't think you can get the non-global Suunto M3D compass anymore at a reasonable price from the usual suppliers, the M3D is my previous favorite compass. The new m3nh (nh=northern hemisphere) model may have taken he place of the old M3DL. I brought both on a trip to Australia as a test, but diid not notice any real difference in function. I always carry at least two compasses (sometimes 3), it is ok if the second backup is a cheapo.
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