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While the lumber Jack does have good food, they are notoriously slow at service, be prepared to wait a while to get served. Almost next door on the same side of the street, Larkins deli and bakery serves hot and cold sandwiches, and all kinds of baked goods. Almost across the street from the Lumberjack is the Main Street Restaurant, quite good whenever i have dined there.

my favorite eatery, especially for breakfast, in TL is the Swiss Kitchen, a small home town style diner, on Park street, just south from Stewarts. local clientele and home cooked food, I never go away hungry or disappointed.

i also like the pine Grove Restaurant for dinner. my canoe race team often goes there for an evening meal during the 90-miler. I can Recommend Shaheens motel for an overnight stay.

The Thirsty Moose, is the former Dumas's, previously owned by Walt Dumas. A favorite hang out by the(legal age)staff working at BSA Camp Massawapie at the bottom of the hill. Good food, good service, and the ring and hook game in the bar. it is still known for good food and i still stop there.
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