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Originally Posted by gebbyfish View Post
We've got people going out without even the thought to have a map, but they are going to remember to buy a permit or a hike safe card? I'm totally for a permit system or a small fee going directly to the park for users, but how do you enforce it? As someone stated above, when there was a permit system, the receptacles were overflowing with unchecked permits and made it on to the trail as trash.
That's the great thing about the NH Hike Safe card, it's voluntary. You're not required to buy it so it's not something that needs to be actively enforced, only if a search and rescue event occurs. And it can either be printed out at home or saved as a PDF to your mobile device

A law passed in 2014 authorizes the NH Fish and Game Department to sell a voluntary hike safe card for $25 per person and $35 per family. People who obtain the cards will not be liable to repay rescue costs if they need to be rescued due to negligence on their part, regardless of whether they are hiking, boating, cross country skiing, hunting, or engaging in any other outdoor activity. An individual may still be liable for response expenses, however, if such person is deemed to have recklessly or to have intentionally created a situation requiring an emergency response.

People who possess a current New Hampshire Fish and Game hunting or fishing license, or a current registration for an off-highway recreational vehicle, snowmobile or boat, will also be exempt from repaying rescue costs due to negligence.
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