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I disagree with the assumption that it would be easier to poach(and keep quiet) moose on private property(hunting/recreation leases). we have an estimated 15(maybe more) moose in/on and around our club land. If someone were to poach a moose on our land it would be nearly impossible to keep quiet, before 100 members would know the scuttle of the poaching and said member would be ousted immediately. I'm not saying this sort of thing doesn't happen on private/public State land, but in my opinion with very little frequency. Our members seem to spot twin calves, single calves, ,cows and bulls of all ages every year now. The DEC has been claiming we have a moose pop. of 800 for several years they claim that the ADk.'s have only 400(what about the rest of the State?) Why the about face...I spoke to a State biologist 3 winters ago , his crew was collaring moose this particular day(gathering just outside our club gate) and he told me "there may be a moose season closer than what you would think", really and I ask again, why the about face, what has changed?? Hmmm very puzzling.
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