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I have a cabin on the lake. I too agree with what Waterspyder posted. Tioga is much more secluded. There are also scattered around the lake several public land places where there are camping sites with leanto and outhouse. Those are available on a first come first serve basis. Here is a pdf map of the lake. One such site is directly opposite Tioga across the 20' circle where the shoreline sort of juts out. That is a quieter part of the lake. The other one I know of is past Tioga to the north part of the lake through the needles then heading toward the river that leads to the carry to Long Lake. Since I cannot put an "X" on the map, on the very north side of the lake, there is a small jut out into the lake just before the lake narrows to the river. There are leanto there. I have parked a ski boat there, but there is no sand beach.

If you are looking for alternative launches, Burke's Marina about a half mile south of Golden Beach on 28 is an option as well as in the town itself. Many people launch in town and leave their trailer next to the launch if there is room or behind the church across from the post office.

At GB, the wooded secluded campsites with lake frontage are, I believe from the high 180's through the low 200's. Here is a link to a pdf of a map
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