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The High Peaks Information Center at the Loj also rents canisters.

We hammock camp ADK four seasons. Did you have any 'under insulation'? Some people use a mat inside the hammock. We use 3/4 length under-quilts rated to 20 but have taken them into the single digits with a few modifications. Insulation under the hammock is required if you wish to avoid freezing. We love our underquilts.

For our New years overnight I actually had a summer weight sleeping bag pulled over the hammock and quilts pea pod style. So from inside out it was me in non-cotton long underwear, hat and socks. Loose fleece PJ's, hot water bottle, top quilt, hammock, under-quilt, light weight hammock sock, summer bag pea-pod style and than a winter tarp or lean to. Talk about layers!

It can be done. Oh, and I bring my most simple hammock suspension. Playing around with fiddly bits in cold weather is not so fun.

I have not done Basin or Saddleback yet but my research shows there is a bit of scrambling, climbing, cliff side trail(?) so make sure you have microspikes or some footwear that is grippy.

From the Loj you actually can try Wright, Algonquin & Iroquois. Rather impressive peaks. I enjoyed the Dix range from Elk Lake too this time of year.
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