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New York's Allegany State Park is a major recreation area for people in my region, and our ADK chapter is very active in working to protect our state park from damage similar to that which has already been done just a couple miles south, near Bradford, in Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest. The fact that the company that claims to own mining rights there is in the nearby Town of Amherst (close to where I live) puts another personal spin on this. The hydrofracking process would destroy most, if not all, of the recreational opportunities in a large portion of Allegany State Park. In order to obtain that natural gas, deeply forested park lands would be destroyed with a maze of access roads, retention ponds, and large drilling footprints, with an extra bonus of a water table polluted with a variety of chemicals that could render the underground water supply useless for many years to come. It's not worth it, and New York's DEC will hopefully make the mining company not only prove that they actually own the mineral rights, but will prevent this and all future attempts to apply similar invasive mining techniques in New York State parks. Outside the state park, there are public and private forest lands that might be better suited for hydrofracking, and landowners will have to decide if the money they would receive is worth the risk of having their well water permanently polluted. In fact, the Marcellus Shale region is larger in areas east of Allegany park, so other portions of the Southern Tier may more likely see the gas mining take place, where there might be less resistance to the destruction of forest and field. I wish those residents good luck.
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