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Hey there John!

For Iroquois, I believe you will have to reach out to hikers who climbed it no later than the mid-1970s. Here's what Heaven Up-Hi'sted-ness! has to say on page 352:

... first official logbook welcomed hikers from August 12, 1967 through July 9, 1969. By the late 1970s, the logbooks of Iroquois disappeared, much sooner than those on other trailless peaks.
I tried to corroborate this statement using evidence from my own ascent of Iroquois on September 9, 1979. In the second letter I sent to Grace Hudowalski I listed all the peaks I had climbed and only the entry for Tabletop included the names of previous hikers (that I had recorded from its logbook). This lends credence to the claim that Iroquois's logbook was gone by the late 70s.

I climbed Phelps on May 14, 1979 and RPR on July 18, 1981 and, once again, my correspondence reports no previous hikers for these summits (but it does for Cliff, Macomb, South Dix, East Dix, and Hough).

All this to say, photos of canisters on these summits will be old and I wish you luck finding them. I have slides from 'back in the day' but not a single one of a canister.

I don't know if I was representative of the average hiker back then, but I'll share my experiences to highlight the challenge faced by John, and anyone else, who attempts to locate old photos.

I used to carry a Canon FTb ("umpteen pounds of brass and glass"). Given that it would be loaded with a roll of just 24 or 36 exposures, plus the cost of processing the film, I didn't normally shoot "everyday objects" like trail-signs, summit canisters, registers, and the like. Odds of including these objects in a shot were improved if I was taking a photo of someone next to one. However, I often hiked alone (and in rainier weather than I do now) so, there was less opportunity to take self-portraits on summits. "Selfie" was an unknown concept to me ... without the use of a self-timer and a mini-tripod (or some jury-rigged equivalent).

Good luck!
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