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During yesterday's hike to Cliff and Redfield, I learned something interesting from two gentlemen camping at the Herbert Brook Lean-to. One had started hiking in the High Peaks in 1979 (same as me) and finished the 46 in 1984 (that's where we differ). He climbed Iroquois in 1979, found no canister, and started to descend. He promptly returned to the summit upon being informed, by ascending hikers, that the canister was inside the cairn.

This may also explain why I never recorded the names of previous hikers when I was atop Iroquois in 1979. Not necessarily because there was no canister but because I had no idea it was hidden inside the cairn. FWIW, Grace never mentioned it to me nor challenged my claim after I reported climbing Iroquois.

It's entirely possible Heaven Up-Hi'sted-ness! got this part wrong and Iroquois' canister did not "disappear" by the late 70's, as in it was removed, but was simply out of sight.

Of course, this doesn't make your life any easier. Now you may be looking for a photo of a canister that was normally hidden from view!
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