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Tha canister on Iroquois may have been removed when, at the request of Ed Ketchledge I believe, a bypass trail was constructed around the bog located not far from the Algonquin trail. When I first climbed Iroquois in 1959, there was so little traffic that I remember it being mostly mossy. Ten years later, it was starting to become quite muddy. I can't remember exactly when the bypass was built, but the canister probably was removed sometime afterwards as the path became more of a trail.

Early in my career of editing the ADK's High Peaks map, I added the path to Iroquois as a trail, as we hadn't yet created the "unmarked/minimum maintenance" category. I did this so that hikers heading for Lake Colden would realize (if they bothered to look at the map) that they had to make a sharp left turn and not go straight as many did, ending up on Iroquois instead of Lake Colden.
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