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Yes, the canisters contained logbooks. They were located only on the 46er peaks without trails. Perhaps 50+ years ago they were truly trail-less but, through usage, developed "herd-paths". Now they have official "minimal maintenance" trails. They remain unmarked as a nod to the past.

You signed the logbook and copied the names of the last three hikers. You would send the three names to your 46er correspondent (mine was none other than Grace Hudowalski, ADK46er historian) who would use it to confirm their ascent. Eventually someone else's report would confirm your ascent.

It was a fun little custom but eventually eliminated because the canisters did not conform to the Unit Management Plan. Anyway, ascents of the other peaks, with marked trails, were always done based on the honor system. Basically, the honor system was extended to all 46 peaks.
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