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A very rare sighting of the illusive Adirondack Pika.... eaten to near extinction by Adirondack Murray's disciples and once thought lost there are occasional recent Adirondack sightings....Sightings are less frequent than mountain lion sightings and treated with equal skepticism by the DEC. Unlike the Pika found in Western states these have a distinctive short tail.
They are most often spotted during Labor Day weekend when food dropped by herds of college outing clubs satisfy their ravenous appetite for dropped peanuts, M&M's and dried cranberries.

Very likely to have been a jumping mouse, the leaping is strongly characteristic.
If you were able to see this much detail:
Its hairy tail was about a quarter the length of its body (no longer than a third). The tail-hair was flattened
it seems unlikely that you would have missed a flying squirrels flaps...
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