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Originally Posted by JerseyHighlander View Post
I've seen them while camping in the Adirondaks before. Alpine zone... my first thought was maybe a Raptor grabbed one down at tree line and dropped it while gliding. I've actually seen birds drop prey from altitude to kill them by smashing them on the rocks. Maybe got closed up inside while raiding someone's backpack down below tree line and escaped while they were having lunch at the summit. The leaping upward, hopping from boulder to boulder may have been an instinctual escape mode, trying to glide. Possibly a juvenile out of the nest too soon. They typically glide from tree to tree and don't spend much time on the ground so unlikely it lives up there in any of the structures.
I feel like I've just watched a Disney nature pic! Does Sigourney Weaver narrate it and does the l'il fella have a name?
Looking for views!
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