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Interesting camping method

Camped at a place called Tully Lake in MA with my brother and nephew (his first camping experience) and I thought they had a great set up, and I'm wondering if something like it could work in the Adirondacks. One of the things I hate about state campsites and the reason I haven't done it since I was a kid is that you have cars driving past your site all day and night, and there is just no way to get away from the noise and dust and annoyance.

At Tully Lake, all the sites are tent sites, which helps I think, and you reserve them like you do here. There's a centrally located bathroom with showers and sinks and a ranger station, etc., but here's the interesting part -- You don't drive to your sites. You park in a central parking lot, and there are wheeled carts provided and you just wheel your stuff down to your site, then return the empty cart. I thought that was kind of cool. You'd probably need a pretty specific location for it to work in the ADK though. The other nice thing is that it's a pretty small lake, so they don't allow motors.

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