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Originally Posted by coldfeet View Post
I'm going to confirm with the LOJ about purchasing wood there, usually $7-$8 a bundle if I recall.
I was up Jan 1 '17 and they ran out, or had a staffing issue that prevented them from getting it to us. So we were literally out in the cold w/o fire for a few hours - no biggy, we were cold camping anyway but wer elooking forward to a cheerful warming fire. Since than I buy local on way in or ask on check in.

Originally Posted by coldfeet View Post
last time on a holiday weekend the port o johns at the LOJ were disgusting. Hope they are cleaner this time, might have a plan in the works.
When I winter camp at Loj we like the actual indoor plumbing available at High Peaks Info Center (HPIC). The used to leave back door open 24 hours. Has this changed with the renovated HPIC?
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