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Thanks for the link. I was actually thinking about this (for years). I have Kevins solution for crampons and snowshoes (plus a few wing nuts, and a key ring), but an extra pin, and a strap would come in handy for not much weight penalty to make the shoe new again while on a trip, rather than hope for the best with wire and tape.

I do feel the need to note. I finally sent my snowshoes in to MSR in 2006 after 8 years of what I'd consider hard use. I remember my friends uncle pleading with us to not walk on rocks with his guide services Sherpa snow shoes, but sometimes thats just impossible to avoid and with the MSRs a thing of the past. The binding (lower part) was finally tearing in 2005, but I used them all of 2005 like that and they'd probably have lasted 2006 to. In any case, that was the only time they've needed field or factory repair in 9 years of use. And the replacement binding was only $40 (or 35) shipped back to me if I remember correctly.

what I found out though was they will not replace the laceup binding with a laceup binding. So when my wifes laceups (which I use in running shoes and soft boots) wear out, that is the end of that binding which I think was actually superior even if it took longer to put on.

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