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Originally Posted by larrym4
I only have time for a day trip. Will I be able to do more than Henderson? I plan to park at the Lower Works. Are the trails to Henderson marked? How about the portage? We have a 16' Royalex Old Town ar we going to have a problem with the carrys?
I think you mean the Upper Works! Henderson is easy to get to, just take the trail to the left after you cross the wooden footbridge.

The first portage from Henderson to Upper Preston Pond is the worst. it's about a mile and a half, over a rocky trail with a 450' ascent. The other two portages are short and fairly level but brushy.

I don't really recommend it for a day trip. Henderson is nice to spend the day on. Beautiful view of Indian Pass and wallface.

I'll try to send you a map of the route and the portages via the email here.
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