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ADK Forum Photo Gallery and Member Galleries

ADK Forum offers all registered members a free photo gallery account. Terms and conditions:

1 - Registration for your ADK Forum Photos account is done via this link. **Please use your forum username and forum email address.** These accounts are manually activated, so it may take a few days. There's no automated notification once the account is created, so you'll have to check back later.

2 - Bandwidth is unlimited but free account users are restricted to 150MB of total storage space.

3 - For $5 /year you can upgrade your account and help support the forum. Upgraded accounts have unlimited bandwidth and an increase to 1GB (or 1000MB) of storage. Payment can be made to the current staff. I suggest sending them a private message for instructions.

4 - You CANNOT use any ADK Forum Photos account to host unrelated images. Meaning, no uploading and linking of images for eBay! Pornography and profanity are also prohibited. Keep it PG-13.

5 - All hot-linked photos (using the web address to display the picture on a website) should display an adkforum watermark indicating they are being hosted on ADK Forum Photos. Hot-linking is permitted and even encounraged since this is a means of spreading the word about the forum.

6 - ADK Forum and ADK Forum Photos will never use your images in any way, or sell them to any third party.


Here's a list of other free sites* to host your images:

Photoshop Express Groups
Picture Trail

* - I cannot personally endorse any of these sites since I do not use them.


Here's a list of our member's photo galleries. If you want yours added to the list, just reply to the thread below and staff will add you soon (sending a PM to remind us wouldn't hurt ).

We would like to keep this limited to collections of photos ("galleries"). If you have single photos not in a gallery you would like to share or receive feedback on, please feel free to start a separate thread.

Some of these gallery images could be quite large, so if you're on a modem expect long download times.

Andrew Lavigne's Photo Gallery
ADK - Kevin's Adirondack Photo Journal
Birdheadstudio's pics [member 'Head']
The Wilderness photography of Gary F. Dean
Charlie's Adirondack Adventures
Slider's Gallery
Redhawks Adirondack Backpacking Blog
Percious Gallery
Adirondack Cyberscapes
Yvon's Hiking Pictures

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