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Originally Posted by cityboy View Post
Glen there are over 40,000 fracking wells in the US. That adds some perspective.
I would agree with you about getting it right however that is not the message that is being delivered. That message is no fracking ever. Why else are they coming up with doomsday scenarios.
The title of this thread is a perfect illustration. What environmental disaster?
Any accidents are limited to surrounding parcels. Katrina was a disaster. That offshore drilling platform blowing up in the gulf was a disaster. That tsunami in Japan and resulting meltdown of the reactors was a disaster. Disasters effect the lives of 10s of thousands.
We have an obligation to get it right but I know of no industry that is accident free.

My message was not "no fracking ever". I think most level headed people would like some facts and disclosure so they can make informed decisions. With the secrecy involved, the industry invites this sort of response, especially when they attempt to buy everyone off rather than come clean, admit mistakes and encourage oversight. When companies go to great lengths to keep secrets, usually there is fire with the smoke. Sorry, I don't trust them a bit so I personally choose to err on the side of caution. The fact that state legislatures are in bed with a lot of these companies does not give the individual a lot of ability to get straight answers. In short, there is no real watchdog on this. I will say again I simply do not understand the rational for additional sites while there is an abundant supply at a low price, but then again I don't run a hedge fund having investments in this sector.
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