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Thread resurrection alert!!

It's been a few years since this thread was started. Back then I didn't often find myself wandering in to backcountry ponds. Recently however Cedarvale and I have rekindled our love of paddling and have been wandering about looking for tranquil places to enjoy. Including some ponds.

Finding boats? Oh yeah. Loving finding them? Nope. Tolerating finding them? Nope. They've gotta go. Cedarvale and I aren't putting in miles with canoes on our backs to look at large hulks of shiny aluminum trash.

My position on this hasn't changed since I posted on this thread a few years back, but now that I'm seeing these eyesores again my desire to actually DO something about it has. All we've been able to do so far is dismantle one makeshift campsite with lots of litter around it and an old fire pit that must've fortunately been used only when the duff was very very wet. The fire pit has been filled, the trash has been hauled out, and the campsite has been brushed in. But the boats on that particular pond are still there... for now.

Perhaps someone has done this already and the info is available on the forum somewhere, but I will be contacting some DEC folks I know to see if there is anything that WE, the owners of the property on which these boats/trash have been illegally dumped, can do about it.

Times change and people need to embrace, or at least accept, that change. I was party to leaving a boat on a pond a few decades ago. That boat was used many times before life events steered me away from fishing for awhile. The boat was still there a few years ago when I visited the pond. I am ashamed to say that I've yet to haul it out. I'll be dealing with it soon.
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