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Here are a few more photos of the dam remnants, but they need narration.
This 1st photo shows the dam itself, with the old logs forming "cribs" that restrained piled stones.

This next photo shows a cable crossing just downstream from the dam remnants.
If you look carefully, you should be able to see the cribs in the foreground.

This view is tricky to interpret. It shows the piled stones along the right bank, looking towards the river. I remember seeing a similar construction at Lester Dam.

And lastly, here is the Rock downstream from the dam. It's been a dry September, so a spring trip might offer some hope. This was not too easy to carry around as the shores were not carry friendly.

I spoke with my nephew and son yesterday, and we're surely going to give it a go in the spring. Maybe stay somewhere on the lake and day trip with empty boats to the nether reaches of the Rock River. If it's as nice as we think, we'll eventually do that through trip that I've been babbling about for some time now.
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