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Originally Posted by Riosacandaga View Post
Totally agree, as above. Adventure riding, long multi-day trips are very limited in the park. Stacked loops and mainstream MTB is booming all over with Wilmington area on the verge of becoming the KT of the Adk.
We need eyes opened to the idea that some folks can and do want to traverse the park on a bike. And not be on pavement.

Theoretically it wouldn't take much. Just some strategic positiong of trails legal to MTB or trail corridors. Or even reclassification of bikes in wilderness. Except t that is like moving mountains it seems.

But I guess this kind of riding is similar to backcountry skiing. The resorts bring in the cash for people to ride loop after loop. The bc guys and gals are all typically self sufficient - so shopping for a piece of jewelry après ski is not as important as finding a place to crash for the night so they can skin back in again in the morning.

I might try one of my 'carries' next year. Just have to get the fitness back.
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