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John H Swanson
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All Plastics is not the same

PET (soda bottles) when burned break down into only water vapor, oxygen, and carbon (soot) It is quite friendly to burn. You will need to make sure it has no label or label glue or tamper evident cap ring ....if you are looking for a LNT burn

PVC, by comparison, when burned at a low temperature, such as on a campfire, gives off dioxin which is carcinogenic. That would be "leave big trace"

In the old days, some water bottles were PVC, but now most are PET. The code on the bottom tells you the composition.

So, if you choose to burn plastic, it is important to bring the right plastic.

btw, most paper food wrappers (like oatmeal pouches) are lined with plastic to make them heat sealable. So don't think you're burning only paper when you're not. This plastic is PE.

I answered yes to burning but often don't make a fire at all. And burning a Poland Spring 8oz water bottle to avoid carrying the weight out of the woods is comical logic.

Some times I burn a candle and that comes from crude oil and gives off pollution too! I might switch to beeswax or a canola oil lamp.
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