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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Ok, Montcalm was right, I am a hypocrite!
I was out camping with an Adkforum member (who doesn't post much anymore), and I got busted blowing my nose into toilet paper and then disposing in the campfire, and it was "very gooey"!
So it appears that I should've voted yes to this poll instead of no... I guess I do burn my gooey trash instead of carrying it out.
We all do it, and it's harmless. I forgive you, although the DEC may not be as understanding as I am.

I actually put my gooey nose papers in my pocket and let them dry out for the next trip. Makes for excellent tinder

FWIW I am the guy who says something when I'm with people who throw food or plastic or bottles or cans in the fire. I'll make them pick it out. It's not an argument I ever lose.
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