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I've section hiked the entire NPT in winter. I also have substantial winter backpacking experience in general.

The other posters in this thread aren't exaggerating. Our average pace across the entire NPT was about 5 miles per day. Those 6 miles into Wanika Falls could easily be more than a full day for a group of 3 with overnight gear. I'd expect that the first mile or two will be well packed out from Lake Placid locals, but beyond that is a gamble. You could get lucky and have a well packed trail all the way, but honestly, you're much more likely to have 3+ feet of unbroken, deep snow. Going that late in the season will give you the advantage of longer days, but it also makes your chances of encountering deep snow that much more likely.

Judging from your posts, it sounds like you guys are relatively new the winter backpacking (my apologies if this isn't correct). I'd strongly suggest picking a different destination for this trip, one that is both less remote and more easily accessed. You can't go wrong with a destination like Marcy Dam. In the winter, it will be (relatively) quiet compared to the summer, and in the event that something goes wrong, your car will be an hour away at most.
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