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Bike & tire selection

The surface you ride on i.e. rough trail, hardpacked dirt or stone, or paved should dictate whether you pick mtn bike (typ 2"+ tire width), "hybrid" 1"+ or skinny road bike.

The gearing range from high to low will help meet or limit your speed/climbing needs. You can always walk up really steep sections.

If you have a variety of surfaces, trend toward wider tires. You really don't need knobby tires unless lots of time on loose terrain. Higher tire air pressure helps reduce rolling resistance at the expense of some comfort and possibly reduced traction if loose.

For mtn bike, check 27.5" or even 29" diameter (vs. 26). Front suspension on MTB more than enough unless you plan or challenging single track.

Forget a fat bike unless primarily riding in snow or sand.
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