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If you are new to cycling starting out with an expensive new bike is probably not a wise choice. You should be able to find a good quality used bike to use while you figure out if you are really going to commit to it. For general all around town cycling, a MTB is a waste...get a decent road bike and put 23 tires on it to handle the gravel on your drive.
The single most important thing to concern with is fit. Go to a cycle shop and find out what size bike you need... see if they have anything for you to ride. Then decide what type of shoes and clips you want... go from there. Buy good quality components, stay away from Tiagra or other low end junk...look for 105 or Ultegra and beyond if it's on a decent frame.
You need to decide on the frame material...starting out with aluminum will be fine.
Trek, schmeck...find a nice old US made Cannondale...anything from CAD 3 or above. 8 or 9 speed gearing should do it...a double crank will be perfect for you depending upon the rear hub ratios. Or perhaps one of the newer ones...cdales have good sold frames

Look at what you can get for about $1K
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