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Originally Posted by Woodly View Post
I knew the DEC doesn't and probably wouldn't recommend one but how about everyone else and other organizations?
Avoid BearVault- their models of canister are the ones that the bears figured out how to open. According to BearVault, there was at least one other bear in addition to Yellow-Yellow that learned how to open the canisters. There was a warning with this information posted on their website for some time, but it appears to have disappeared with a recent site redesign.

The most common model you'll see in use in the High Peaks is the Garcia canister. As bear canisters sizes go, this one is about a medium-large. It's possible to fit food for 2 people for a weekend in one, but it does take some planning and careful packaging.

There's a bunch of other models available, though- there's a good overview of some of them here:
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