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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
251 customer reviews if you click here.
Thanks I read some reviews. For the most part it seems to be just another man bad everything else good theory.

I am interested in the following topic:

"She describes the extinction of Neanderthals as another, much earlier, example of human-driven extinction (Chapter XII) relying on the notable research by Svante Paabo and his team, noting the importance of the "Out of Africa" theory in explaining Homo sapiens' global dispersal, while also discussing Paabo's "leaky-replacement" hypothesis that accounts for Neanderthals' eventual replacement by Homo sapiens through interbreeding, resulting in hybrids whose descendants include all non-African populations of humanity, contributing between 1 and 4 percent within the genomes of non-African populations, remnants of the Neanderthal genome."

I often wonder what happened to them. I don't doubt we (homo sapiens) played some role in their demise. When two different cultures meet it usually doesn't turn out well for one of them.

I'll check to see if my library has a copy.
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