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Originally Posted by Zach View Post
It's looking great, thanks for the update. The outside of the bottom looks very well shaped, you must be pleased with how well it matched the plug.
I am very pleased with how well the shell followed the plug..but those "if only's" haunt me.

Originally Posted by Cold River Bob View Post
When you took the carbon copy off the plug how did the plug clean up?
My other question is wouldn't the seat stiffen up the bottom like in the Blackjack?
I'm thinking about trying it on one of of my canoes either the 14 ft or 12ft, want to see how yours turns out.
The plug (my red Kite) looks terrible!! But it's mostly adhered release film, sloughing chunks like some kind of leper. There must be spots where the paint is missing, but once I wash the boat down, it shouldn't be too bad. It doesn't take too much red paint that stuck to the inside of the shell to really stand out.
I bought a big (4 x 8) sheet of 1/8" thick Divinycell foam, same stuff that many commercial builders use. I'll cut a big football shaped piece to epoxy in the bottom. Then I'll use a bunch of excess carbon to laminate the foam, finally covered by a single layer of 6 oz glass. As it is now, the bottom sections are pretty flexible. The bilge, crease, stems are incredibly stiff.

I plan to make a pair of seat supports similar to the red Kite, maybe a little smaller in section. The supports couldn't stiffen enough of the bottom by themselves.

Oh sure, let me be the canary in the coal mine!!
Actually, I held off until I watched another couple guys (on another canoe forum) do their composite builds. Any of your boats would be a great plug for a composite shell.

In retrospect, the Kite was about the worst first composite build I could have chosen. The radical crease and the existing gunnels presented the biggest challenges. A more conventionally shaped hull would be a cake walk, or so I say sitting behind the keyboard!
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