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Here's a bunch...

South Lake, West Canada Lakes Wilderness:

Mud Lake outlet (West Canada Creek), West Canada Lakes Wilderness:

trail to Cedar Lakes (Grassy Brook), West Canada Lakes Wilderness:

Beaver Pond/Cedar Lakes bridge:

Mill Brook, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness:

Pharaoh Lake Brook:

Wolf Pond outlet, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness:

Glidden Marsh outlet, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness:

Grizzle Ocean outlet, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness:

somewhere in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness:

RR bridge over Hudson River, Hudson Gorge Primitive Area:

trail to Big Rock Lake, West Canada Lakes Wilderness:

Beaudry Brook, West Canada Lakes Wilderness:

Mad Tom Brook, West Canada Lakes Wilderness:

Beaver River, Raven Lake Primitive Corridor:

Peaked Mtn Brook, Siamese Ponds Wilderness:

East Branch Sacandaga River (Botheration Pond loop), Siamese Ponds Wilderness:

Cisco Brook, Siamese Ponds Wilderness:

West Branch Sacandaga River (NPT @ Whitehouse), Silver Lake Wilderness:

North Branch trail, Silver Lake Wilderness:

Buttermilk Pond, Lake George Wild Forest:

Lake Durant/Rock Pond, Blue Ridge Wilderness:

Little Simon Pond outlet, Ha-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness:

Newcomb Lake, High Peaks Wilderness:

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