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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
... My question: Do mud and black fly season often overlap? I understand no one has a weather crystal ball but in general terms it will help with planning our next trip (peak, hike or canoe). Or is there often a sweet spot between the two?
In my experience ... maybe?

It depends on where and weather and timing, etc. In my CNY neck of the woods, black flies are already out and mildly swarming (Altmar as well last Saturday). Last year, I was in the ADKs the weekend after Mother's day and didn't see but a couple. A few years ago, we went out the last weekend of June and had so many deerflies and mosquitoes, I thought I'd need a blood transfusion, we then moved 20 miles and didn't see a single biting insect.

Unfortunately, no one can predict what the bugs will be like wherever you go other than that there will probably be biting insects in the ADKs from mid-May through July.
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