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Originally Posted by mossarden View Post
One June, my partner and I brought our canoe, ladden with our gear, the mile plus carry back into Lost Pond (in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness) for a few days to get away from 'Bike week'. It's an amazing spot...spooky and wild...But can you believe... along with the owls and other night creatures we actually heard a large band of loud motorcycles roar by out on Route 74
Oh, I can top that!
We were camped on Long Pond, near the entrance to Pink. We heard the unmistakable roar of straight pipes (announcing the owner's small penis, no doubt) from the put in...I looked with a pair of binoculars and saw this dipsh!t leaning against his bike, having a leisurely smoke. By the time we put the boat in to paddle over and tell him he shouldn't be there, he fired it back up and rode away.

A real cool guy
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