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According to the US Fish and Wildlife service and the Michigan DNR we have both eastern and gray wolves in Michigan. We do not have hunting of any wolves, because a wise US District judge determined that since there were no wolves in the suburbs of Detroit, the wolf still must be endangered so an injunction was issued to stop any hunting. However I believe there is some illegal control of wolves that is ongoing. I have heard too many yoopers speak of it for some control measures not to be occurring.
As far as money generated by wolf calls. I believe national parks offer tourist opportunities that do not happen outside of those areas. Deer hunting in the UP is poor since the boom in the wolf population. I know of few guys that do not go to the UP to run white rabbits. They lost a few good beagles, and decided that the running in the northern lower peninsula was just fine. No need to loose dogs to wolves. I don't think there has been dollar one that has been exchanged for wolf tourism.
I do not think it is official, I believe wolves documented in the lower peninsula are considered transient. I also believe in another ten years we will have a wolf population in the northern lower peninsula. We have cougars in the UP.
The point being in my lifetime, I have seen a real expansion of large predator ranges.
I can't think of an animal more politicized than the wolf. I don't mind being in wild places. I am less fond of being in places with wild carnivores that have not been hunted in generations. I prefer large carnivores to have reason to fear me also. Animals that aren't hunted do not have the same fear of man. I have read there are more cougars in Utah than California, but there have been deaths by cougars in California and not Utah. I think the fact cougars are pursued with hounds is the differential in that equation.
I really do hope the wolf returns to the Adirondacks. I also hope that states have the right to mange them within the state border before you folks have to deal with wolves.
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