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Originally Posted by GPIPE View Post
Hello - I am new to this forum. I joined because I am looking for a partner or partners to team up with for a weekend paddling trip. I have not been out on any trips in a few years and don't really have anyone that wants to head out for a weeken so i am seein if there is anyone out there in my shoes that just wants to head out for a weekend get away. I would like to go in April or May to enjoy the spring wonderland. I thought of osgood river as the boreal forest is spectacular in spring (I went to Paul smiths) - there are a couple of camp sites along the river that make for a nice base camp c or further paddling up the many branched or out for a hike. Please let me know if interested. Will probably go alone if no one available. Thanks

Welcome to the forum. I am sure to do a paddling trip as soon as the water turns liquid again. Might I suggest re-posting your idea as a new thread here:

Might get more views.
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