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Originally Posted by Limekiln View Post
Gore text is not rain gear in my opinion. It works reasonably well when it's new, but not so well after a few years of use. And in really heavy rain it always seems to soak through. At least that's been my experience.

I like the Helly Hansen Impertech. It's a stretchable rubberized material that is 100% waterproof. I have the pants and the longer jacket. It's reasonably rugged and not too expensive. But it's not breathable, so you will sweat if it's warm or you're moving around. As I said I don't think breathable and waterproof go together. But for fishing or other stationary activities I love it.
I've had my Gore tex for 10 years. Still keeps my dry under any conditions. Paid about $140 for the coat and around the same for the pants in 2004 from L.L. Bean
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