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The end of this story

I thought everybody should hear about this response from Mountain Hardwear. I essentially sent them the text of my OP with the question: Should I expect more from this jacket? Their reply? Absolutely! Send it back and we'll take a look at it.

One week after sending in the jacket I got an email informing me I'd be receiving a new jacket of equal or greater value. It arrived a few days ago, a new Super Plasmic. This jacket is ~$80 more than I paid for mine. It has gotten top reviews on several sites.

My first impression? It's super light, gossamer thin and looks fragile. The reviews all say get over it, that it's tough as nails. The weave is super tight and (right now) it sheds water like an adolescent duck.

I wanted to pass on this story because I really appreciate superior product support and commitment to making customers happy. This definitely puts Mountain Hardwear on the plus side when I next evaluate new gear for my collection.
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