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Long Lake Water taxi??

I'm finishing up my 5 yr segmented trip of the NPT. Very disjointed as my co hiker and I could never string more than 1 weekend together over the years. He finished at Tirrell Pond last year. That is where we started. The following year he did 28N to the tip of Long Lake and was (arranged prior to) allowed to exit on Forestry property.

Well, that is the only segment I have left and he is going to accompany me. We were planning on this Friday, hike north, spend the night and hike back down.

Now I have heard it is an easy very scenic...tho busy..hike. Not too thrilled with doing a yo-yo but we cannot get the access he had last time. would one arrange a boat ride back? I posted this a few years back I think and the bring a 12 pack was the best answer...but I don't want to carry.

Any ideas???
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