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Originally Posted by Terasec View Post
I believe the two tent rule is for organized campgrounds not backcountry primitive sites

6 CRR-NY 190.13

190.13 Wilderness areas in the Adirondack Park.
(7) Primitive tent site means a tent site of an undeveloped character providing space for not more than three tents, which may have an associated pit privy and fire ring, designed to accommodate a maximum of eight people on a temporary or transient basis, and located so as to accommodate the need for shelter in a manner least intrusive on the surrounding environment. A primitive tent site shall be designated by an official department sign or disk.

I would be careful with erecting too many hammocks in a primitive site. The problem is most designated primitive sites have cleared spaces for tents with limited numbers of trees. Trees most suitably spaced for hammocks are generally located on the perimeter or beyond the designated tent area. Setting up hammocks there leads to trampling of vegetation and gradual expansion beyond the DEC designated tent site area, which is not in keeping with LNT. A ranger might take issue with you if you set your hammock up beyond the obvious limits of a designated "CAMP HERE" tent site.
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